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Web Based Software Development

Web Based Software Development

“Build amazing web based software with robust web applications “

We create and deploy critical web based software that scale with your business. The application is simple that integrates the system for automation. Erasoft has been building web based software for over decades for every types of industry including education.

User experience is what crafted mainly for the seamless function for excellent usability. Our certified team design UI based web based software which works well on any of the device with no performance fluctuation.

Key components for Web Based Software

  • Document Management – Simplify the overall management system on a single platform that is needed for the daily activities.
  • Business Calendars– Manage the daily works and events such as meetings, support tasks and business visits.
  •  Business Forms – These allow the management to edit, create or delete information.
  • Charts & data tables – We apply web based software consisting data visualization components used in interactive panels, and dashboards.
  • Customized components – Develop customized applications in accordance to the business needs, adjusting the time and budget by using our agile business technology.

Frameworks for web-based-software

Performance is the key component to any web based software development. Erasoft has proven expertise in developing application for your business and education process that aims to help your organization in gaining remarkable automation and growth.

PHP Development 

  • Joomla Development
  • Open Cart Development
  • WordPress CMS Development
  • API Development
  • Magento Development
  • Laravel Development

Full Stack web development 

  • Meteor Framework Development
  • HTML 5, Bootstrap

Front end Development 

  • HTML framework
  • JavaScript framework
  • Angular framework
  • TypeScript
  • CSS framework
  • PHP Development
  • Laravel development

Backend web app development 

  • PHP framework
  • Magento Development
  • Laravel framework
  • PHP MVC framework
  • Joomla Development
  • CodeIgnitor framework

JAVA Web Development 

  • Custom Java Development
  • Enterprise Java Development
  • Java Application Programming
  • Java Maintenance and Support
  • Sitecore Development

Erasoft web based software service

Education web based software

With the progression of digitization, school, colleges, and universities of Nepal are progressing the education system by aligning with the digital systems. The concept of BYOD, and IoT, gives the idea of the online presence of any educational institutions for providing educational materials through online channels.

Forms of educational application development

  • Portal Development
  • Online course platform (video, graphics, sound & attachment)
  • Online Tests
  • Online registration for examination
  • Professional training program

Enterprise web based software

We are leaders in developing responsive and progressive enterprise web apps to in line the employees on the same platform. The application provides instant data and personalized experience. Our ERP application allows the enterprise to enhance staff management and productivity, reduce overall operation cost and payroll solutions.

Business web based software

We help to create custom CRM solutions and web app service helping business in effective project management, B2B customer engagement, decision making, and enhance productivity. Erasoft, also develops Ecommerce app to empower business to sell their product and services instantly. The apps are custom built, scalable, and result driven business apps which are the result of agile development processes.

Consumer web based software

So far, we have developed more than 100+ interactive, responsive real time web apps for companies across Nepal. We are professional people skilled in building custom CMS web apps for SMEs using popular frameworks, empowering the business to have a cost effective and scalable web app.  Alongside, we help our clients with maintenance and support service with app development.


Do remember Erasoft for building and creating high-end web based software for your business! Contact us!

  • Any additional web based software service offered by Erasoft?

    Additional web based software development service provided by EraSoft

    • Design and implementation of user interface

    We are specialists in designing User Interface (UI), design of User Experience (UX) and Design of Interaction (IxD). When working together, we define the sketches or mock-ups of your applications, we use the same cutting-edge technologies that are used in Instagram, Facebook, and Dropbox.

    • Design and implementation of backend

    We have team of expertise specialized in design and implementation of “server” part of web based software . We integrate the third-party applications, API in your applications or system. We use secure data in our platform which are fast and scalable.

    • Implementation of web based software

    We perform all the development portion required for the application including the “client” and “server” part. We use latest generation technologies and practices that guarantees scalability and support to thousands of content users on the server.

    • Integration of application with third part system

    As a data specialists and information integration specialists, we have high-end platform developing customized connectors, so that our every developed applications and systems connect with the third part application.