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Why Us

For Erasoft, yesterday was 10 years before, when our core services were, and still are, software development particularly ERP/EMIS, web-based application, and training service. And today, we are more than just a technology business. Having remained in business for more than years, we understand what matters the most for the clients.

The decision of selecting the organization for developing your software and applications needs brainstorming, as a small loose end impacts the overall quality and cost of the project. Being in the software development and web-based application business for years, we have every needed experience, gained, and enhanced our expertise which enables us to achieve highest level of project accomplishment.


We provide companies with fully dedicated development teams. Our clients have an expertise, and we supply the experts. Our model allows our clients to maintain their processes and directly manage the development team. Once a team is assigned to a specific project, no other project commitments are passed. Hence, our clients get full control, and outstanding development of the project.

Why Erasoft Solutions ?

  • Digital Innovation

    Drive differentiation with the competitive advantage. Engaging your employees, customers, with exceptional digital experience. We work out on the,

    • Research and conceptualization
    • A detailed road map with deep insight
    • Long-term iterative planning
    • Concept validation & feedback
    • Return on investment analysis
  • Extensive ERP/EMIS experience & research
  • 100% Independent Consultant
  • Flexible & effective engagement options