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Mitra EMIS

Mitra EMIS

“Discover how to improve the process & system of your educational institution through Mitra ERP/EMIS.”

Do you want to understand and take up all the strategic options for your education institutions? Do you want to gain clarity of the whole process & system in digital format?

EMIS, also known as Education Management Information System, a digital process taken up the higher secondary college & universities such as Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University for the QAA certification in order to get the Government Grant provided by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Erasoft provides Mitra ERP/ EMIS solutions to both private college, public campus/ universities to attain QAA.

We manage and integrate all the important components of EMIS and help the college & universities gain SSR & LOI report. These software applications help them implement resource planning, by integrating all of the required process under a single system.

The campus management system, when implemented in college or universities would assist in planning, purchasing inventory, marketing, sales, human resource & more.

Basically, you can take the learning management system (LMS) as a digital glue that binds all the departments of your institution together. Absence of this application in your college is likely to scatter your departments. With the Mitra ERP/EMIS software, each of the department of your educational institute will have their own system, which can be accessed through one application & interface.

Types of ERP/EMIS offered by Erasoft

  • College Management System (CMS)
  • University Management System (UMS)

Merits of implementing Mitra ERP/EMIS solutions

  • Centralized data access
  • Automation administration
  • Quick Reporting & Analytics Features
  • Module that connects teachers, students & management
  • Saves management workload
  • Quick & easy implementation with minimal requirement of hardware
  • Flexible, customable & scalable technology
  • High security for institutional data

Salient features of Mitra ERP/EMIS

  • Student Admission
  • Attendance Management
  • Batch Management
  • HR Staff & Payroll
  • Examination Module
  • Inventory & Store
  • Library Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Transport Management
  • E-learning- Content Management System
  • School/College/Universities Portal
  • Recruitment operation system
  • Fee management system

Why Mitra ERP/EMIS?

Who doesn’t want a centralized automated system in their campus? The campus management system maintains and update all the activities associated with your campus. The product is basically designed to simplify the in-built complexities of your university and provide total control with successful decision making related to planning, and internal system review.

Once the organization start to flourish, it becomes cumbersome to handle the administrative task. A proper learning management system such as Mitra ERP/EMIS would ease down and inline the process of campus admission, HR, payroll, inventory, campus billing, examination schedule and more.

Overall the merits of including Mitra ERP/EMIS offers an institutions with,

  • Cost effective solution
  • Quick deployment
  • A complete automation
  • Effective after sales support

If you are interested to take your college to QAA, and searching for EMIS software contact us!

Major Features and Functionalities

What is the time frame for implementing Mitra ERP/EMIS?

Typically, the feature requests not identified or presented during the requirements gathering shall be subject to customized fees. Hence, it is very important for the users to provide every details and requirements before signing the agreement.

How do we measure the ROI after implementing Mitra ERP/EMIS software?

Well, the success course mainly depends on the goal you are looking forward to achieving. Most of the campus and universities measure the return on investment in terms of time saving and cost which is when achieved from automating the manual work and gaining potential visibility on the bottle necks (administrative works). While few of them look at the values of reduced risk of revenue leakage.