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Mitra School

Mitra School

Discover how to improve the process & system of your educational institution

Mitra School ERP is a set of programs, specially designed to manage the overall administrative tasks of a school in an effective & efficient manner. This ERP solution acts as a central dashboard where all the related stakes can easily access the school information at any point in time.

With this Mitra ERP, teachers can concentrate on the course, parents can get an update on their children’s to progress, while the management can actively manage the intricate administrative task.

Schools in Nepal can use Mitra ERP to manage and integrate important components. These learning management system software applications help them implement resource planning, by integrating all of the required processes under a single system.

The ERP product, when implemented in school would assist in planning, purchasing inventory, marketing, sales, human resource & more. With the school management system, each of the department of your educational institute will have their own system, which can be accessed through one application & interface.

ERP is an acronym meaning enterprise resource planning, the software providing management of all the information and resources involved in a company’s operations by means of an integrated computer system. Nearly 60% of the enterprises today in Nepal, have switched to ERP for better planning and tracking of their resources.

Understanding the requirement of such entities, Mitra ERP was introduced in Nepalese market. The ERP product provides a suite of software, covering all parts of a Academy’ administration, managing registration and admissions, from behavior and achievement, managing Library, fees, accounts, front – office, inventory, time table, first aid, hostel, HR, payroll and transport.

Basic Modules & Features of Mitra School

  • Online Registration
  • Students Information System
  • School Fee Management
  • School Exam & Result Management
  • Attendance Management
  • School Library Management
  • School Staff Information Management
  • School Staff Payment Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Management
  • School Transportation Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Fee Management
  • Leave Management

Benefits of Mitra School

  • Automated administration
  • Quick reporting & analytics features
  • Student-Teacher collaboration
  • Paperless administration
  • Keep track on student fees collection

Willing to automate your school system? Well, Mitra school ERP can be the best solution to keep track of all the necessary information, on a single point. For more understanding on Mitra School, you can contact us!

Major Features and Functionalities

Why Mitra School for your institution?

Well, as your organization grows it becomes impossible for you to track out the data of every department. Manual work is indeed not possible, therefore, it is essential to place a proper system before hand to avoid the situation of data loss and hassle.

If your business is seeking for a centralized solution, than YES! Mitra ERP is the best, as the system keeps, maintains and updates all the activities related to your reputed Institution.

It needs to have simplification of complex business processes for taking active decisions and total control over every (small or big) issue, related to planning, implementation and review of the system.

What are the needed preparation for Mitra School ERP?

The primary process for implementing the Mitra School solution requires a concrete organization process. The organization chart should be well defined by your institute stating the functions, role, process, documentation and accountability.

Once the above is established the next step would be either assigning the overall authority to an individual or creating a committee who shall manage the project.