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About Us

About Us

Originally established as a software development house in Nepal in 2008 as ERASOFT Pvt. Ltd, by founder Kabita Raya, the company encountered an organic growth under the leadership of Managing Director Om Khadka, in the sector of software and mobile application development beyond its foundation expertise.

As the year passed, the expansion process continued towards broader, and holistic engagement by rooting its steam to the company’s mission, vision and value which hinges on the technology evolution and innovation. From the software development of ERP/EMIS the entity moved on to web application development, library management in Nepal, business ERP, IT consultancy, training services, and library consultancy.

Erasoft has strong presence on national market and is looking forward to establishing alliance in the international market. Known as the best software development company in Nepal, we solely focuses on providing on time and professional service. Like most international Technology company, Erasoft understands that technology has become a permanent feature, so we work as your partner to deliver smart technology solutions that align with your business needs.

 Till date we have supported Government & Non-Government organization, education sector, and other existing corporate business inside Nepal by developing campus management software, learning management software, school management software, web application and mobile application supporting their needs. During the serving period, we have identified that our trusted and capable network of partners and clients has no doubt’s unpinned on our success.

We clearly understand that every project has clearly defined business goals, so it is important for Erasoft to measure the return on investment (ROI) of clients. The key to our success is to commitment to progressive improvement over short span achievement.