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ERP Solution

ERP Solution

Protecting your profit margins with Business Enterprise Resource Planning

Are you looking out for a better approach to plan down your existing resources across your enterprise and thrive your business in your highly competitive marketplace?

With an implementation of ERP solutions designed by Erasoft you can have a greater visibility across your entire business.

By engaging 100%  Erasoft consultancy service, you can find out the suitable ERP solutions in Nepal that can actually work for your individual business requirements. So far, we have developed several business ERP for many vendors, these systems have actually outgrown to provide excellent functionality that can be deployed in every professional company.

The basic functionalities of ERP solutions for any enterprise includes Finance, Human Resource, Purchases, Sales & Inventory which is particularly used in the planning and development of projects, reduction in human error in the vital areas of the business.

It is no secret businesses today are looking out for measures to retain high chunk of profit, which in fact does not happen accidently. You need to strategically manage every activity with the top financial goals – vendor selection & inventory clearance.

An ERP system helps you design a model, plan, and execute your organizational goals, by allowing you with the flexibility to minimize threats and take strategic advantages as they incline.

Erasoft ERP solutions in Nepal

  • ERP for professional services
  • ERP for manufacturing
  • ERP for distribution services
  • ERP for business
  • ERP for school (Mitra ERP)
  • ERP for college/campus/universities

Merits of including ERP solutions in your business

  • Allows the business to track, monitor and measure your entire business.
  • Boosts efficiency with real-time, and actionable visibility.
  • Improves productivity, efficiency, and profits.
  • Manage inventory, billing, payments, business process in a single destination
  • Reduce cost and streamline processes to enhance revenue & profits.
  • Create a better chain supply with increased visibility.
  • Enhance customer service by providing one source for bill tracking.

Major Features and Functionalities

What are the most common features of business ERP?

When the ERP solutions got primarily launched in Nepal, the system was designed only for inventory management. Today, the ERP solutions in Nepal are used to automate the office tasks and stream line cross-departmental tasks. The modern business ERP today has extended beyond its original functions comprising full suits of integrated components and tools required to streamline the business operations.

What is the cost of business ERP for a small business?

ERP software’s are customized as per the business usage. Well, the small businesses have small requirement’s unlike the larger ones. However, that does not mean the small companies will lose out the functionalities. Business ERP pricing will depend on the following factors such as- number of users, implemented software modules, hosting and integrations.