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Library Consultancy

Library Consultancy

“Intelligent workflows with delivery of high-end IT products in your library”

Productive, efficient, and consistent library consultancy service in Nepal that are fully customized to Dewey Decimal Classification (library classification) deliver realistic results. Be prepared to enjoy the latest IT equipment in your school, college, and university library. We offer instant benefits for a nit close alliance between IT spending and IT operational procurement.

Erasoft library consultancy service help you design and develop a comprehensive library that intends to deliver clear insight of your existing resources and spending. You can now procure needed IT gears that gives value addition service to your universities, college & school. We make the whole of IT purchase process seamless so that you can take control over the budget.

Our sincere, skilled and experience library consultancy service makes your education organization fully equipped that helps to overcome the evolving challenges that you face in your Library unit effortlessly. Our relationship as your library supplier management will be open and transparent.

Basic hardware & software you need

You can buy every day needed IT hardware for your library from us. We assist you in purchasing IT infrastructure, license management and scalable solutions. We do have array of IT products, as we have collaborated with number of IT product manufactures.

Hardware supplied by Erasoft for Library                       

  • Bar code reader
  • Spine level (sticker)
  • Accession register
  • Book-end stand
  • RFID installation
  • RFID ID cards
  • Tag installation
  • Radio frequency identification device (RFID) gate
  • RFID circulation machine
  • RFID ID card reader

Library software offered by Erasoft

  • Resource management
  • Visitor management

Get in touch with Erasoft to make the whole library consultancy process systematic and dynamic!

  • Any particular sector for Library consultancy service?
    • Education (College, School, Universities & Institutes)
    • SMEs (Small & Medium) Enterprise
    • INGO/NGOs in Nepal
    • Government Organization
    • Private Entities
    • Banking & Financial Institutions
    • Insurance & Capital Markets
    • Communication sector
    • Hospitality & travel industry
  • Why consider taking up Library Consultancy from Erasoft?
    • We focus on sustainable procurement.
    • We supply products with warranty & guarantee.
    • The products & services offered are tested before supplying.
    • We offer consulting service to the clients who have little experience and knowledge on the IT products.
    • We offer library solutions that enable our clients to build sustainable IT infrastructure in their library.
    • Our multidimensional procurement service is inclined in offering break through solutions.
    • Our service allows your business to concentrate on core competencies by offering most advanced software, hardware and network components meeting the needs of your designed library.
    • We offer repair & maintenance service for the library supplies taken from Erasoft.