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IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

“Digital transformation expert & consultants, servicing in Nepal”

Erasoft is 100% technology agnostic consulting company that decision makers across Nepal can trust to help them select the best software solutions and implementation partners for their unique business needs.

We help education & enterprise across industries become more streamlined, modern, and competitive for the digital era through improved business process, and modern digital platform.

Not sure of the enterprise solutions helping you transform the business? Facing difficulties in explaining the executives need? Undergoing through extensive trouble to align and understand the ERP/EMIS, CRM or other education & enterprise grade solutions? We can help!

Most of the time, the business and education unit are not sure of their requirements, therefore, what we do is help them identify their need, their future prospect before developing any applications. For that we understand the whole process, and product & services.

  • Consulting for solution-oriented services

Erasoft consultants are the experts of software solutions especially in  ERP/EMIS. We deliver continuous value across the full solution life cycle so that you can take full advantage of our transferred knowledge in all the education sectors and other areas of enterprise.  Across, Nepal we support nearly 100+ education sector as a solution consultant.  These projects range from short time frame, limited scope, or EMS led engagements.

  • Consulting for product-oriented services

We exclusively focus on technology and application solution holding a referenceable result. You can trust that Erasoft consulting has the experts in ERP/EMIS applications line so that you get maximum value for the investment. We will help you prepare for the next-generation line of business applications.

  •  Searching answers for the following? We can help!
    • Does my current system support the business objectives?
    • Should I have a single integrated ERP/EMIS solution for the business or use customized ERP for the best breed solutions?
    • Does our business need new ERP system, or is upgrading enough to support the existing system?
    • We have more than one ERP used in our business- do we approach for one or continue using multiple?
    • Where is the biggest loop, and what are the benefits of investing in software solutions?
    • How do we lower the risk, the cost of ownership of the enterprise system?
    • What the options and implications meeting the advanced tech needs?
    • Is migrating to cloud reliable, secure & cost-effective?
  • What are the digital challenges catered by Erasoft?

    No matter where you are on the digital journey, Erasoft can help you resolve the issues. Review our full range of services to find your perfect solutions suiting your business needs.

    • Software development & its system roadmap
    • Business Process Improvement (BPI)
    • 100% independent software selection service
    • Planning, implementation & readiness
    • System implementation & integration
    • Process automation
    • Project review, turn-around & solution
    • Transformation education & training
    • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)