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Web Hosting and Backup Service

Erasoft Solution also provides web hosting and backup service to ensure the smooth running and availability of websites to the public. Web hosting refers to the storage of website files on a server that is connected to the internet, making the website accessible to users worldwide.

The backup service ensures that the data of the website is safe, and in case of any data loss, it can be restored. This service will provide regular backups of website data, so that in case of any mishap, the data can be easily restored and the website can be up and running quickly. This service is an important aspect to keep website running with minimal downtime and to keep the website data safe and secure.

The process for web hosting:

  • Registering a domain name: Register a domain name for the website, which is the address users will type in to access the site.
  • Setting up the hosting account: Set up an account with the chosen web hosting provider and purchase a hosting plan.
  • Uploading website files: Use FTP or other file transfer methods to upload the website files to the hosting server.
  • Configuring the domain: Point the registered domain name to the hosting server, so that the website is accessible at the domain’s URL.
  • Configuring email accounts: If desired, set up email accounts associated with the domain name.
  • Testing the website: Test the website to ensure it is functioning correctly and that all links and features are working properly.
  • Ongoing maintenance and management: Regularly update the website software and monitor the website performance and uptime, and setup backups.

The process for backup service:

  • Planning and assessment: Identify the data that needs to be backed up and assess the current environment, including the type of data, its size and location, and the backup infrastructure.
  • Setting up the backup software: Install and configure backup software on the server or device that needs to be backed up.
  • Creating a backup schedule: Establish a schedule for when backups will be run and how often, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Performing the initial backup: Perform the first backup of the data, which can take a significant amount of time depending on the size of the data.
  • Testing the backup: Test the backup to ensure that the data can be restored correctly and that the backup is working as expected.
  • Storing the backup: Store the backup in a secure and reliable location, such as an external hard drive, a cloud-based storage service, or a backup server.
  • Monitoring and maintaining the backup: Regularly monitor the backup and ensure that it is working properly, and perform regular maintenance to keep the backup software up-to-date.
  • Perform regular backups and keep multiple versions: Regularly perform backups, and keep multiple versions of the backup, in case the data needs to be restored from a specific point in time.

Web Design & Development

Erasoft Solution is a professional web design and development company that offers a wide range of services to help businesses establish and enhance their online presence. We specialize in creating visually appealing, user-friendly websites that are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. Our team of experts have the skills and experience necessary to deliver high-quality, professional websites that are designed to attract and engage customers. In addition to web design and development, we also provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your website stays up-to-date and runs smoothly. Trust us to help you take your online presence to the next level.

Erasoft Solution’s  team have a group of skilled IT specialists, in accordance with your requirements to design and develop the website. We make both static and dynamic websites for you where beautiful designs are also available. We  create your website with a polished appearance and feel to ensure that you never lose  a client.

Avoid spending all of your small business’s budget on a pricy, independent Web designer. Erasoft Solution can provide you with the same level of expert Web development and design at a much lower cost, as well as the often-overlooked benefit of stability. By selecting Erasoft Solution, you won’t ever have to be concerned about finding your Web designer or being stuck with a website design and no assistance. Our Web design offer allotted modification time every month for you to make changes to your web site. So, do not panic when you want to change the colors, pictures, or other details on your site, all you need to do is give us a call.

Additionally, we create websites that are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. We must rank our client’s website on the first page of search results.

Websites designed and developed by Erasoft,

  • Mechi Multiple Campus
  • Koteshwor Multiple Campus
  • Trichandra Multiple Campus

The process for web design and development:

  • Planning and research: This step involves gathering information about the client’s business, target audience, and goals for the website. The designer and developer will also research the latest design trends, user experience best practices, and technical requirements.
  • Design: The designer creates a visual concept for the website, including layout, color scheme, and typography. They will create mockups or wireframes to show how the website will look and function.
  • Development: The developer takes the design and builds the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They will also test the website to ensure it is compatible with different browsers and devices.
  • Testing and Quality assurance: The website is tested for usability, accessibility, and compatibility. Any bugs or errors are fixed.
  • Deployment: The website is launched and made live on the internet.
  • Maintenance: Website is monitored, updates and security measures are taken to keep the website running smoothly.

Library Consultancy

“Intelligent workflows with delivery of high-end IT products in your library”

Productive, efficient, and consistent library consultancy service in Nepal that are fully customized to Dewey Decimal Classification (library classification) deliver realistic results. Be prepared to enjoy the latest IT equipment in your school, college, and university library. We offer instant benefits for a nit close alliance between IT spending and IT operational procurement.

Erasoft library consultancy service help you design and develop a comprehensive library that intends to deliver clear insight of your existing resources and spending. You can now procure needed IT gears that gives value addition service to your universities, college & school. We make the whole of IT purchase process seamless so that you can take control over the budget.

Our sincere, skilled and experience library consultancy service makes your education organization fully equipped that helps to overcome the evolving challenges that you face in your Library unit effortlessly. Our relationship as your library supplier management will be open and transparent.

Basic hardware & software you need

You can buy every day needed IT hardware for your library from us. We assist you in purchasing IT infrastructure, license management and scalable solutions. We do have array of IT products, as we have collaborated with number of IT product manufactures.

Hardware supplied by Erasoft for Library                       

  • Bar code reader
  • Spine level (sticker)
  • Accession register
  • Book-end stand
  • RFID installation
  • RFID ID cards
  • Tag installation
  • Radio frequency identification device (RFID) gate
  • RFID circulation machine
  • RFID ID card reader

Library software offered by Erasoft

  • Resource management
  • Visitor management

Get in touch with Erasoft to make the whole library consultancy process systematic and dynamic!

Web Based Software Development

“Build amazing web based software with robust web applications “

We create and deploy critical web based software that scale with your business. The application is simple that integrates the system for automation. Erasoft has been building web based software for over decades for every types of industry including education.

User experience is what crafted mainly for the seamless function for excellent usability. Our certified team design UI based web based software which works well on any of the device with no performance fluctuation.

Key components for Web Based Software

  • Document Management – Simplify the overall management system on a single platform that is needed for the daily activities.
  • Business Calendars– Manage the daily works and events such as meetings, support tasks and business visits.
  •  Business Forms – These allow the management to edit, create or delete information.
  • Charts & data tables – We apply web based software consisting data visualization components used in interactive panels, and dashboards.
  • Customized components – Develop customized applications in accordance to the business needs, adjusting the time and budget by using our agile business technology.

Frameworks for web-based-software

Performance is the key component to any web based software development. Erasoft has proven expertise in developing application for your business and education process that aims to help your organization in gaining remarkable automation and growth.

PHP Development 

  • Joomla Development
  • Open Cart Development
  • WordPress CMS Development
  • API Development
  • Magento Development
  • Laravel Development

Full Stack web development 

  • Meteor Framework Development
  • HTML 5, Bootstrap

Front end Development 

  • HTML framework
  • JavaScript framework
  • Angular framework
  • TypeScript
  • CSS framework
  • PHP Development
  • Laravel development

Backend web app development 

  • PHP framework
  • Magento Development
  • Laravel framework
  • PHP MVC framework
  • Joomla Development
  • CodeIgnitor framework

JAVA Web Development 

  • Custom Java Development
  • Enterprise Java Development
  • Java Application Programming
  • Java Maintenance and Support
  • Sitecore Development

Erasoft web based software service

Education web based software

With the progression of digitization, school, colleges, and universities of Nepal are progressing the education system by aligning with the digital systems. The concept of BYOD, and IoT, gives the idea of the online presence of any educational institutions for providing educational materials through online channels.

Forms of educational application development

  • Portal Development
  • Online course platform (video, graphics, sound & attachment)
  • Online Tests
  • Online registration for examination
  • Professional training program

Enterprise web based software

We are leaders in developing responsive and progressive enterprise web apps to in line the employees on the same platform. The application provides instant data and personalized experience. Our ERP application allows the enterprise to enhance staff management and productivity, reduce overall operation cost and payroll solutions.

Business web based software

We help to create custom CRM solutions and web app service helping business in effective project management, B2B customer engagement, decision making, and enhance productivity. Erasoft, also develops Ecommerce app to empower business to sell their product and services instantly. The apps are custom built, scalable, and result driven business apps which are the result of agile development processes.

Consumer web based software

So far, we have developed more than 100+ interactive, responsive real time web apps for companies across Nepal. We are professional people skilled in building custom CMS web apps for SMEs using popular frameworks, empowering the business to have a cost effective and scalable web app.  Alongside, we help our clients with maintenance and support service with app development.


Do remember Erasoft for building and creating high-end web based software for your business! Contact us!

Mobile App Development

“Mobile App for startup, education & e-commerce”

Erasoft is the leading mobile app development company in Nepal, which highly focus in developing application for the existing business or new business in android and iOS platform. Our application developers help in creating an amazingly user experience where we turn the virtual ideas to a reality.

 “The use of smartphone since 2010, has exploded over years, with over 6 billion app’s being downloaded- solely from iOS & Android.”

Our team has 10+ years of experience in specialized mobile app development who have attained decades of experience in application development field. We focus on creating user-friendly, unique, and simplified apps for the business.

Mobile Application developed by Erasoft,

Application Developer Nepal

Innovative or start-up, are you ready to disrupt the market? Well, our app developers will collaborate with you to develop a leading-edge solution that will set your business apart from the rest. Erasoft has an apt and efficient cross-functional team looking out for challenges that demands for user friendly functionality, and visually stunning application.

We do follow usability principles and guidelines suited for all the platforms such as Android, Windows, and iPhone.

Process for Application Development

Erasoft keep its development process very simple – Discover, Design, Develop & Deploy. These four processes of application development accumulate the following,

  • Gather requirements – Our team member will get in touch with you and in no time the member shall ask, assist, and analyze all the necessary details required for the application development.
  • Wireframe – After we get the requirements, our design team shall commence in preparing the wire frame which will allow our clients to get an idea of the key feature and interface.
  • UI/UX design – Once getting approval on the wireframe, we shall proceed with the designing phase.
  • Prototyping – We perform a series of quality test performed under the supervision of the experts and client.
  • App development – Our development team will develop a robust application that can withstand the testing phase and outstand the time test.
  • Quality assurance – Our QA team shall work as your integral team, so from day one, the dedicated cross-functional team will be working for your project.
  • Application launch – We are ready to launch the app.
  • Support & maintenance service – We are there with our AMS service ready to re-solve any of the arising or emerging app issues 24/7

For application development service in Nepal, contact us!

Software Development

Software Development Company in Nepal – Software Developers The bigger concerns business today is facing is to choose between the off-shelf product or developing customer made software? With the in-house software development team of Erasoft, you can select the option best suited for your business. We do hold the versatile capacity to transform your vision to reality. The evolution of enterprise mobility is moving on high end, enterprises are working in more collaborative form. Every private and public business sector business are seeking to expand the digital platforms.

Platforms used for software development

Erasoft is the software development company in Nepal, offering service of outsourcing software development. Our well-hedged team and their in-valuable experience create a jam to pull on agile methodologies to relentlessly invent customized solutions. The software developed by us are compatible with all the platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Unix. Apart from applying professional expertise in the development process, the following out of box solutions are included in the full-fledged development process that suits the business requirements. The technologies we use are:

  • JAVA, Oracle
  • JOOMLA, WordPress, DRUPAL
  • VBscript, Javascript

Our methods for software development

Explore Visualize Build Support
Analyze Develop concept Core feature Architecture design
Client discussion & research Road maps Add or removal of listings Code reviews
Problem identification Visual design Sprint planning Offer best practice
Validation Prototype development Development Support issues
Feasibility study Client discussion Deployment Guaranteed response
Prototype development   Testing & feedback  


Searching for a software company in Nepal?

An enterprise looking forward to power efficiency, build robust IT strategy, Erasoft holds the capability to support you. As a recognized software company in Nepal, we have been delivering best software’s in the Nepalese market for past 10 years. Our range of service includes,

  • custom software development
  • cross platform software development
  • software re-engineering service
  • enterprise web application development
  • online collaboration
  • cloud solutions
  • product development
  • software integrations
  • completion of un-finished software apps
  • maintenance & testing

With the focus on providing seamless user experience, we build the following types of turn-key custom solutions that reflect your demands and capabilities. Get a reliable and trusted software development service from Erasoft Contact us!

IT Consultancy

“Digital transformation expert & consultants, servicing in Nepal”

Erasoft is 100% technology agnostic consulting company that decision makers across Nepal can trust to help them select the best software solutions and implementation partners for their unique business needs.

We help education & enterprise across industries become more streamlined, modern, and competitive for the digital era through improved business process, and modern digital platform.

Not sure of the enterprise solutions helping you transform the business? Facing difficulties in explaining the executives need? Undergoing through extensive trouble to align and understand the ERP/EMIS, CRM or other education & enterprise grade solutions? We can help!

Most of the time, the business and education unit are not sure of their requirements, therefore, what we do is help them identify their need, their future prospect before developing any applications. For that we understand the whole process, and product & services.

  • Consulting for solution-oriented services

Erasoft consultants are the experts of software solutions especially in  ERP/EMIS. We deliver continuous value across the full solution life cycle so that you can take full advantage of our transferred knowledge in all the education sectors and other areas of enterprise.  Across, Nepal we support nearly 100+ education sector as a solution consultant.  These projects range from short time frame, limited scope, or EMS led engagements.

  • Consulting for product-oriented services

We exclusively focus on technology and application solution holding a referenceable result. You can trust that Erasoft consulting has the experts in ERP/EMIS applications line so that you get maximum value for the investment. We will help you prepare for the next-generation line of business applications.