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Mitra Meeting

“Creating better events with profound integrated solutions”

When you cannot meet in person, Mitra Meeting supports your business events virtually so that you get the most out of the events.

Mitra meeting aims to bring out the power and flexibility, to your business meetings by driving attendance, registrations, and actionable insights.

When your event gets over, you will have the comprehensive overview of the events, with the right data to get the overview of the impact and ROI of the meeting.

Creating better virtual events with Mitra Meeting

  • Providing professional online experience for attendees while keeping record of the whole meeting.
  • Associate virtual conference including individual break out session.
  • Dynamic scheduling of the event to maximize engagement.
  • Support from Erasoft 24/7.

Maximize your virtual event impact

  • Gain a complete view of the attendees.
  • Measure the impact of the total event.
  • Connect to any end point
  • Get more from the meeting with collaboration & sharing
  • Can be easily deployed to any range of devices such as Mac, iOS, and Windows
  • A simple pay as you go service delivered over cloud
  • Gain full administration by setting up users, creating rooms and scheduling meetings
  • Affordable price for big business functionality

To know more about the Mitra Meeting contact us!

Mitra ERP / EMIS

“Discover how to improve the process & system of your educational institution through Mitra ERP/EMIS.”

Do you want to understand and take up all the strategic options for your education institutions? Do you want to gain clarity of the whole process & system in digital format?

EMIS, also known as Education Management Information System, a digital process taken up the higher secondary college & universities such as Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University for the QAA certification in order to get the Government Grant provided by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Erasoft provides Mitra ERP/ EMIS solutions to both private college, public campus/ universities to attain QAA.

We manage and integrate all the important components of EMIS and help the college & universities gain SSR & LOI report. These software applications help them implement resource planning, by integrating all of the required process under a single system.

The campus management system, when implemented in college or universities would assist in planning, purchasing inventory, marketing, sales, human resource & more.

Basically, you can take the learning management system (LMS) as a digital glue that binds all the departments of your institution together. Absence of this application in your college is likely to scatter your departments. With the Mitra ERP/EMIS software, each of the department of your educational institute will have their own system, which can be accessed through one application & interface.

Types of ERP/EMIS offered by Erasoft

  • College Management System (CMS)
  • University Management System (UMS)

Merits of implementing Mitra ERP/EMIS solutions

  • Centralized data access
  • Automation administration
  • Quick Reporting & Analytics Features
  • Module that connects teachers, students & management
  • Saves management workload
  • Quick & easy implementation with minimal requirement of hardware
  • Flexible, customable & scalable technology
  • High security for institutional data

Salient features of Mitra ERP/EMIS

  • Student Admission
  • Attendance Management
  • Batch Management
  • HR Staff & Payroll
  • Examination Module
  • Inventory & Store
  • Library Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Transport Management
  • E-learning- Content Management System
  • School/College/Universities Portal
  • Recruitment operation system
  • Fee management system

Why Mitra ERP/EMIS?

Who doesn’t want a centralized automated system in their campus? The campus management system maintains and update all the activities associated with your campus. The product is basically designed to simplify the in-built complexities of your university and provide total control with successful decision making related to planning, and internal system review.

Once the organization start to flourish, it becomes cumbersome to handle the administrative task. A proper learning management system such as Mitra ERP/EMIS would ease down and inline the process of campus admission, HR, payroll, inventory, campus billing, examination schedule and more.

Overall the merits of including Mitra ERP/EMIS offers an institutions with,

  • Cost effective solution
  • Quick deployment
  • A complete automation
  • Effective after sales support

If you are interested to take your college to QAA, and searching for EMIS software contact us!

ERP Solution

Protecting your profit margins with Business Enterprise Resource Planning

Are you looking out for a better approach to plan down your existing resources across your enterprise and thrive your business in your highly competitive marketplace?

With an implementation of ERP solutions designed by Erasoft you can have a greater visibility across your entire business.

By engaging 100%  Erasoft consultancy service, you can find out the suitable ERP solutions in Nepal that can actually work for your individual business requirements. So far, we have developed several business ERP for many vendors, these systems have actually outgrown to provide excellent functionality that can be deployed in every professional company.

The basic functionalities of ERP solutions for any enterprise includes Finance, Human Resource, Purchases, Sales & Inventory which is particularly used in the planning and development of projects, reduction in human error in the vital areas of the business.

It is no secret businesses today are looking out for measures to retain high chunk of profit, which in fact does not happen accidently. You need to strategically manage every activity with the top financial goals – vendor selection & inventory clearance.

An ERP system helps you design a model, plan, and execute your organizational goals, by allowing you with the flexibility to minimize threats and take strategic advantages as they incline.

Erasoft ERP solutions in Nepal

  • ERP for professional services
  • ERP for manufacturing
  • ERP for distribution services
  • ERP for business
  • ERP for school (Mitra ERP)
  • ERP for college/campus/universities

Merits of including ERP solutions in your business

  • Allows the business to track, monitor and measure your entire business.
  • Boosts efficiency with real-time, and actionable visibility.
  • Improves productivity, efficiency, and profits.
  • Manage inventory, billing, payments, business process in a single destination
  • Reduce cost and streamline processes to enhance revenue & profits.
  • Create a better chain supply with increased visibility.
  • Enhance customer service by providing one source for bill tracking.

Mitra School

Discover how to improve the process & system of your educational institution

Mitra School ERP is a set of programs, specially designed to manage the overall administrative tasks of a school in an effective & efficient manner. This ERP solution acts as a central dashboard where all the related stakes can easily access the school information at any point in time.

With this Mitra ERP, teachers can concentrate on the course, parents can get an update on their children’s to progress, while the management can actively manage the intricate administrative task.

Schools in Nepal can use Mitra ERP to manage and integrate important components. These learning management system software applications help them implement resource planning, by integrating all of the required processes under a single system.

The ERP product, when implemented in school would assist in planning, purchasing inventory, marketing, sales, human resource & more. With the school management system, each of the department of your educational institute will have their own system, which can be accessed through one application & interface.

ERP is an acronym meaning enterprise resource planning, the software providing management of all the information and resources involved in a company’s operations by means of an integrated computer system. Nearly 60% of the enterprises today in Nepal, have switched to ERP for better planning and tracking of their resources.

Understanding the requirement of such entities, Mitra ERP was introduced in Nepalese market. The ERP product provides a suite of software, covering all parts of a Academy’ administration, managing registration and admissions, from behavior and achievement, managing Library, fees, accounts, front – office, inventory, time table, first aid, hostel, HR, payroll and transport.

Basic Modules & Features of Mitra School

  • Online Registration
  • Students Information System
  • School Fee Management
  • School Exam & Result Management
  • Attendance Management
  • School Library Management
  • School Staff Information Management
  • School Staff Payment Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Management
  • School Transportation Management
  • Learning Management System
  • Fee Management
  • Leave Management

Benefits of Mitra School

  • Automated administration
  • Quick reporting & analytics features
  • Student-Teacher collaboration
  • Paperless administration
  • Keep track on student fees collection

Willing to automate your school system? Well, Mitra school ERP can be the best solution to keep track of all the necessary information, on a single point. For more understanding on Mitra School, you can contact us!

Mitra ERP

ERP is an acronym meaning enterprise resource planning, the management of all the information and resources involved in a company’s operations by means of an integrated computer system.

Mitra ERP provides a suite of software covering all parts of a Academys’ administration, managing registration and admissions, from behaviour and achievement, managing Library, fees, accounts, front – office, inventory, time table, first aid, hostel, HR, payroll and transport.

Why Mitra ERP?

It needs to have one centralized system, which keeps, maintains and updates all the activities related to your reputed Institution.

It needs to have simplification of complex business processes for taking active decisions and total control over every (small or big) issue, related to planning, implementation and review of the System.

Once you start growing, it’s really cumbersome to handle all activities of students as well as employees. Here comes Mitra ERP that will ease the process of each and every aspect of a School/college, be it Admission, Transport, Examination, Library, Robust Time Table, HR, Payroll etc.

When you move forward with automation, you face few usual obstacles, such as cost, extra man hours deployed to customize software, weird processes of the application etc. Luckily, Mitra ERP saves you against these usual worries.

In a nutshell, you may opt Mitra ERP for following reasons:

  • Cost effective
  • Almost zero customization needed
  • Quick deployment
  • Follows simple processes
  • Planned handholding
  • After sales support


MUMOLAS Library  is an Integrated Library System ( ILS ) designed and developed by the Erasoft Solution Pvt. Ltd. based on requirements of school, college and university libraries. It is user-friendly software developed to work under client-server environment. The software is designed to international standards for bibliographic details, cataloguing and circulation. After a comprehensive study, discussions and deliberations with the senior professionals and experts of the different university, the software was designed to automate all housekeeping operations in the library. The software is suitable not only for the academic libraries but also for all types and sizes of libraries, even public libraries.

Onver Smart taxi

Taking your taxi business online in Nepal to establish your presence & amplify its global reach!

Smart taxi app software clubbed with intelligent mobile apps! Aiming to make your whole Taxi business in the right direction, with raise in operational efficiency while our ONVER SMART APP takes care of the bookings and dispatches.

Optimal passenger convenience with ONVER SMART TAXI APP

Smart solutions for smart travelers. Allowing easy and systematic bookings with sophisticated taxi app with maximize interaction, allowing higher greater conversion through comprehensive solution.

Know the added feature of the ONVER SMART TAXI APP

  • Social login – Users can login by using their social account such as Facebook, google or twitter account
  • Mobile number verification- Users get their mobile verified while logging in.
  • Instant booking – Users can book a ride with a single tab.
  • Live tracking- Users can easily track the drivers in their real time.
  • Trip history – Users can easily check their past rides.
  • Fare estimates- Riders can check the estimated fare before booking the rides.
  • Multiple payment options- Users can pay via phone pay, E-SEWA, or cash on drop point.
  • Real time ETA – Users will be proficiently getting the ETA in their respective real time.
  • Driver tracking – Offering premium features to the users.

Our solutions come with admin web portal, dispatching dashboard, and a navigation apps for the drivers or passengers.

Our taxi solution holds a unique benefits

  • Customizable – A solution with ready to use software suite with customizable solutions.
  • Deploy on the server – We help you enjoy the deploy the solutions on the server either shared, cloud or hosted.
  • Scalable & robust – Today you might have started with handful of drivers and few users but tomorrow it may include hundreds and thousands. Our solutions are in fact scalable.
  • Support options – A readily available support options with navigations, helping the customers with their required FAQ’s, notifications aiding the drivers and users.

Offering a customizable booking app for the vehicle business

Passenger App features

Our experts support long years on-demand transportation and logistics application with

  • Easy login process
  • Push notifications
  • Account management
  • Tracking
  • Chat option
  • Cancellation option
  • Promos & offers
  • Ratings & reviews

Driver App features

Drivers get real time ride requests. According to the availability drivers can reject or accept the on-demand taxi request.

  • Driver profile
  • Quick registration
  • Set availability
  • Ride feature
  • Accept/ decline request
  • Ride details
  • Push notifications
  • Contact with dispatcher
  • Upcoming & previous trip
  • Location feature

Admin Console features

A smart browser panel is made available to help and use the overall taxi booking activities for the business.

  • Create sub admins
  • Provide multi-level admin access
  • Complete dashboard
  • Driver/ Passenger management
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Transaction history
  • Block users/ company
  • Manage payment accounts
  • Manage offers & discounts

Dispatch panel features

The feature holds track cab location, assign trips or schedule trips, take recurrent bookings, and track various payments.

  • Request management
  • Payment/Ride tracking
  • Take phone bookings
  • Driver management
  • Add/edit/delete profiles
  • Transaction history
  • Take up recurrent booking

Who can take up ONVER Smart Taxi App

  • Solution Overview – A comprehensive solution for taxi booking that caters to the need of all the stakeholders.
  • Taxi business – Change your traditional cab business by launching an online application.
  • Taxi startups – Create your only business online platform for the transportation service which is similar to Uber or Didi.
  • Private companies- We build a taxi booking & vehicle booking apps for the companies to take up private rides.

Thinking about starting your own taxi business in a tech-friendly manner, we can collaborate!