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IT Trainings

IT Trainings

Extract the maximum value from the solutions- faster than you have actually thought!

Developing a digital platform and not knowing anything about its usage?

An effective user programs increases the user adoption, enhance customer success, and improves your ROI. The problem is that most of the departments despite having dedicated in-house IT team, fails to understand it functionality of the products & services taken from external source.

Erasoft helps your business understand the products and services developed and installed by us in your organization. We help you develop and grow faster by keeping every valuable resource at your fingertips. Our training service provides you with expert guidance. Regardless of the entity nature, size, and needed IT solutions.

Our offerings for training services

Organizational change management

Attain your organizational goals faster and much convenient way with the application of  ERP/EMIS software in your IT system. We help you coordinate and integrate key factors related to technological changes by addressing the impacts in smooth & efficient way after the integration process.

  • Help everyone inside the organization understand the applications, and benefits of the product.
  • Allow employee to understand its usages, expectations, and impacts.
  • Provide on job training or online training so that the employees can expertly include and apply their new skills.

Analysis of the training need

Assessing the requirement of overall training purpose – training and support, change of technology to performance management- with need analysis from Erasoft. Choosing a learning option for the organization allows the enterprise to detail study its goal, align the educational plan with the necessary business strategy.

  • Examine the IT implementation plan.
  • Assess the current skills, and accordingly develop plan to move forward.
  • Present a comprehensive proposal, with specific recommendations and associated cost.

End user services

Our training program training analyze users’ skills and competencies. Upon understanding, training plans and materials are developed to increase user productivity.

  • Prepare a multi-facet training strategy to develop a deep understanding of the product & services.
  • Implement user checks, to assess and improve the user readiness and productivity.
  • Frame custom training programs based on team classification of the project.

Development of training for successful implementation of product

Erasoft training programs enable enterprise to deliver the knowledge your employees are seeking for to increase the adoption and develop proficiency in the software applications of ERP/EMIS & more. Ensure sustainable use of the products NOW & in FUTURE.

  • Guaranteed implementation and adoption of software and mobile application.
  • Facilitate users to build proficiency in maintaining, creating, and delivering effective training.
  • Enable assets with ease and speed.
  • Maximize the return of investment.

Certification program & development

Not only do we help you in developing and delivering trainings but also help you acquire you in gaining industry certification based on the products or services. If you need a certification, we train you, so that you gain one of them.


What makes Erasoft a great trainer in IT solution in Nepal?

  • We are consistent in delivering qualitative and professional IT solutions.
  • We hold deep insight industry, product and service knowledge.
  • As we develop and implement customized solution, we grip the areas holding technical difficulties, which makes the whole knowledge transferring process easier.
  • We enjoy high access to high end technology instructors and consultants, who has knowledge of the underlying and emerging IT complexities.
  • We do have a systematic process and resource capability to deliver training programs to high volume of people.


For a professional and reliable trainings program related to IT solutions in Nepal, contact us!

  • What training methods are adopted by Erasoft?
    • Online
    • On-job training
    • Instructor led classroom session
    • Presentations with interactive course materials
    • Handouts/ Assignments