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Annual Maintenance Service

Annual Maintenance Service

“Keeping your down-time low & productivity high.”

To keep your business running, Annual Maintenance Service is a must! Annual maintenance service is a contract performed between the service provider and taker for the repair and maintenance of IT equipment’s.  The agreement outlines and specifies the detail service that the service provider shall provide the enterprise throughout the year.

The annual maintenance service gives the service provider the advantage of getting everything planned before time, so that the equipment’s are running smoothly.

Erasoft provides annual maintenance service for,

  • Network & security
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Storage & server
  • Application & security
  • Virtualization, back up and replication
  • Unified communication & more 

Services for Annual Maintenance

More than 80% of the companies in Nepal are migrating to digital platforms.  These companies are buying in the concept of “IT equipment as service”. The sole advantage of the concept is that you can obtain greater significant savings by taking up the annual maintenance service (AMS). 

Hardware as a service (HaaS)

A hardware solution provided by Erasoft where we frequently handle enterprise’s hardware including repair & maintenance, registration & licensing, and asset management. 

In coordination with the company, HaaS solution is offered on a fixed monthly or yearly fee. A framework agreement is made so that your IT equipment gets continuously monitored, upgraded, or improvised.  You can also extract necessary technical reports to administrate the risk, and depreciation of your IT asset. 

Workspace as a solution (WaaS)

A general solution customized as per the business need. The solution is purely designed to simplify the management of your business IT. We streamline the workspace by including all the necessary equipment’s such as PC, laptop, and software. 

You pay a minimum fee (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) and get the service of installation, maintenance, and support.  

In this service, we handle the purchase and let the entire process of configuration tackled by our team. We will not handover till everything is working.

  • Reasons to take Annual Maintenance Service (AMS)

    Annual maintenance contract covers the maintenance service of the product & services offered by EraSoft.  It holds an agreement with a clause to provide regular maintenance to your company under the terms of contract. 

    • Emergency support 24/7
    • Expert technicians at your service 
    • Obtain more from the hardware & facilities
    • Comprehensive service for hardware & software
  • Why Erasoft for Annual Maintenance Service (AMS)?
    • Complete support of the service and product (from purchase to replacement).
    • Avoid unnecessary ideal time, in handling, maintenance & set up of your equipment.
    • We are committed in providing topmost hardware & software AMC to educational and business units. 
    • Carry regular and periodic maintenance to ensure all the IT device and equipment’s are in optimal working conditions. 
    • Dedicated team of experts holding high level certification in maintenance of hardware and software. 
    • Cost-effective service for all the software and hardware problems.